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Stage de M2 au LMFA

Stage de M2 au LMFA

Transport de concentration par un anneau de vorticité

Encadrants :
Wouter Bos, Emmanuel Lévêque, Florence Raynal

L’objectif de ce stage est d’étudier par simulation numérique le trans-
port d’un scalaire par le biais d’un anneau de vorticité. Ce sujet est
financé par (et se fera en collaboration avec) une entreprise privée.

Over which distance can a vortex ring carry concentration ? The stability of a vortex ring is remarkable [1]. And within closed streamlines a scalar quantity is relatively well conserved. For practical purposes it can be of major importance to transport a scalar quantity such as temperature or concentration without another tool than the working fluid itself. We would like to answer the question how we can optimize for a given fluid (water or air for instance) the distance over which a significant amount of scalar can be transported using a vortex ring.

The student will learn to use and modify an inhouse numerical code of the Lattice Boltzmann type [2]. This code will be used to simulate both laminar and turbulent vortex rings with a prescribed initial concentration. The student is expected to investigate the evolution of the vortex ring and its concentration profile as a function of the initial conditions (laminar or turbulent, circulation, concentration, Reynolds and Prandtl number) and to answer the question what the theoretical limit is over which scalar can be transported.

[1] Karim Shariff and Anthony Leonard. Vortex rings. Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 24(1):235–279, 1992.
[2] Shiyi Chen and Gary D Doolen. Lattice boltzmann method for fluid flows. Annual review of fluid mechanics, 30(1):329–364, 1998.