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Holographie et mécanique des fluides

14/09/2021 - 13h@B11-H10-ECL (ECL) - Loïc Méès

3D optical measurements meets a great success in Fluid mechanics, in particular with the recent progress of 3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry. Digital In-line holography is an elegant and perfomant alternative way to investigate two phase flows in 3 dimensions, based on a rather simple optical set-up, composed of a low power laser light source and a single camera.

3D information on a two phase flow is deduced from a single hologram through a numerical reconstruction process. The reconstruction methods can be classified in two groups. The classical reconstruction methods are based on back-propagation of the light intensity. More advanced methods are based on an inverse problem approach. These methods requires a priori knowledge on the diffracting objects (the particles in the flow), in the form of a parametric diffraction model or by introducing additionnal physical constraints. In return, these methods generally demonstrate a greater accuracy, for particle location along the optical axis and particle size in particular.

This seminar will provide an opportunity to recall the basics of holography, to evaluate the potential and the limitations of the technique for two phase flow investigation with the help of some examples. Particular attention will be given on the tracking of evaporating droplets in turbulence, developped at LMFA in the last few years.