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David Birch - University of Surrey

Sensors made to measure

Jeudi 4 avril 2019, 11h, W1bis salle 17, ECL

 Sensors made to measure

Many of the measurement techniques used in wind-tunnel testing are accepted as being mature, and off-the-shelf systems - although very costly - are available to suit most measurement requirements. Consequently, the fields of conventional fluid measurement and fundamental fluid metrology have attracted very little interest or activity. However, many of the accepted methodologies were originally developed under heavy constraints from the limitations of the technology available at the time, and high development costs limit the uptake of new technology into high-value, low-volume commercial products like fluid measurement tools. This presentation will review the redevelopment of some classical fluid measurement instruments and techniques - including multi-hole probes and constant-temperature anemometers - to take full advantage of rapidly advancing sensor and semiconductor technologies.


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