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Numerical simulation of turbulence in dense gases - Application to ORC turbines

Theme 3 - Conception et Contrôle
Period 01/09/2018-01/09/2021
Contact(s) GIAUQUE Alexis
PhD student VADROT Aurélien
Partners néant

The objective of this thesis consists in improving modeling of dense gas turbulent flows. The field of application is the numerical design of ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) turbines, which collect heat from hot sources at moderate temperature (solar, geothermal or industrial sources) in order to produce electricity. Dense gases are used in such ORC systems because of their low boiling temperature, well adapted to the hot source temperature level.
At first, differences between dense gases and perfect gases are investigated using Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) of simple geometrical configurations. As part of this thesis, the studied configuration is the mixing layer. Others configurations of type Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence have also been studied in the framework of the ANR (Agence National de Recherche) project called EDGES, which funded this thesis.
The second step of the project is the analysis of the relevance of LES (Large-Eddy Simulation) turbulence models for dense gases.
The third and last step focuses on the development of new LES models suitable for dense gases.

Figure 1 : Snapshot of the vorticity field in the dense gas compressible shear layer at a convective Mach number Mc=2.2 on the centerplane. Simulation comprises 268M grid cells.