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Investigation of Aerodynamic Phenomena in a High Bypass Ratio Fan

Theme 1 - Instationnarités et Instabilités Aérodynamiques
Period 05/02/2020-04/02/2020
Contact(s) OTTAVY Xavier
PhD student RODRIGUES Martin
Partners Safran Aircraft Engines

This thesis aims to study the aerodynamic phenomena in a Ultra High Bypass Ratio (UHBR) fan. Complex flow structures develop in the rotor section and strongly impact the machine’s performance in terms of efficiency and can limit the operating range. A novel test facility ECL-B3 was built in cooperation between ECL and Safran Aircraft Engines and was designed to host architectures representative of modern UHBR stages at scales between 1:4 and 1:3. A test campaign ended in April 2019 and the detailed results allowed a comprehensive study of the stable and unstable operating conditions of the fan. The results show indications of atypical behaviour for state-of-the-art transonic fans and will be used to evaluate the numerical approach (RANS and URANS) in its capacity to correctly predict such phenomena.

Figure 1 : ECL-B3 test facility at Ecole Centrale de Lyon (LMFA).

Figure 2 : Schematic of ECL-B3 (a) test facility and (b) core details

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