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Loss correlations in axial compressors - Throughflow applications

Theme 3 - Conception et Contrôle
Period 14/05/2018-14/05/2021
Contact(s) OTTAVY Xavier
PhD student KRAVTSOFF Florent
Partners Safran Tech

The aim of this thesis is to propose a renewal of loss correlations for compressors
aeronautics as part of a meridian calculation. Which are aging at our partner
SAFRAN AIRCRAFT Engines (SAE) and its suitability for the new
compressors/fan can be questioned. To meet this need the correlations and models testing will be done on a tool developed at Safran Tech. It is a meridian code, named ASTEC, with finite volume formulation allowing to precisely locate the losses in the compressor vein. This makes it possible to intensify research on the physical predictions derived from the literature rather than on the arbitrary way in which these losses are distributed in the vein. Several digital test cases are used to validate the models: compressor blade grids, CME2, rotor 37, ENOVAL and CREATE.

Figure 1 : Secondary flows organization from Kang et Hirsch.

Figure 2 : NACA 65 mesh for ASTEC calculations

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