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Modelisation of multi-physical interactions source of transonic flutter - Application to Open-Test-Case Fan ECL5

Theme 2 - Aéroélasticité et Couplage Acoustique
Period 01/11/2017-31/10/2020
Contact(s) AUBERT Stéphane
PhD student PAGES Valdo
Partners néant

A novel test facility for transonic fans has been constructed and commissioned at Ecole Centrale de Lyon (ECL) within the Equipex PHARE. The facility is instrumented with multi-physical measurement systems to deeply investigate aeroelastic and aeroacoustic phenomena. To enable long term fundamental research the composite material Open-Test-Case Rotor ECL5 was developped within this project. It shall be established as a new reference case for method development.

The project aims to better understand the causality chain leading to transsonic flutter in turbomachinery. The focus of the study is on the origin of the phase lagging between emettors (blade vibration) and receptors (boundary layer separation, shock waves) responsible for the work exchange between the blade and the flow. In order to identify these, the RANS linearized solver Turb’Lin is used to do the decomposition of the blade vibration.

Figure 1 : ECL5 Rotor Design

Documents and associated publications

C. Brandstetter, V. Pages, P. Duquesne, B. Paoletti, S. Aubert, X. Ottavy (2019). Project PHARE-2 – a High-Speed UHBR Fan Test Facility for a new Open-Test-Case. ASME. J. Turbomach. TURBO-18-1311. doi:10.1115/1.4043883. url : https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-02404645/