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ERCOFTAC Workshop at École Centrale de Lyon

Covid 19 flows : study and practical recommendations

vendredi 15 janvier 2021 via ZOOM

Covid 19 flows : study and practical recommendations

It is a follow up to the successful zoom meeting organised by ERCOFTAC Pilot Center Henri Benard on the subject of “How much do we know and how much we don’t know about the Covid-19 Flow Physics” which took place on the 13th November 2020. Although we trust the recent Covid-19 vaccine to turn our lives to normal, the need to understand pathways of air-born transmission of infection remains acute. The warning sign below due to S. Balachandar, S. Zaleski, A. Soldati, G. Ahmadi, and L. Bourouiba (Int. J. Multiphase Flow, 132, 103439, 2020) calls our permanent attention.

Program of the talks (13h30-17h30) :

Zoom : link

ID : 927 4565 9217
Code : 781258 (Paris time, GMT+1)
Starting at 13:30