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Lionel Soulhac

Lionel Soulhac

Professor at INSA Lyon

Deputy Head of LMFA
Head of Group AIR
Research Team: Complex Flows

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Teaching occupations


  • Fluid mechanics
  • Environnemental applications in fluid mechanics


  • Head of Fluid and Energy teaching unit
  • Member of MFAE Department Concil
  • Head of the promoting of Centrale Lyon in preparatory classes

Research occupations

  • Turbulent flow and dispersion in urban canopy
  • Unsteadiness and concentration fluctuations
    • Unsteady releases
    • Concentration fluctuations
  • Numerical methods for atmospheric flow and dispersion

Recent Publications


Fellini S, Salizzoni P, Soulhac L, Ridolfi L. Propagation of toxic substances in the urban atmosphere: A complex network perspective. Atmos. Environ.. 2019;198:291–301.
Grylls T, Le Cornec CMA, Salizzoni P, Soulhac L, Stettler MEJ, van Reeuwijk M. Evaluation of an operational air quality model using large-eddy simulation. Atmos. Environ. X. 2019;3:100041.


Hertwig D, Soulhac L, Fuka V, et al. Evaluation of fast atmospheric dispersion models in a regular street network. Environ. Fluid Mech.. 2018;18:1007–1044.
Kubwimana T, Salizzoni P, Bergamini E, Mos A, Méjean P, Soulhac L. Wind-induced pressure at a tunnel portal. Environ. Fluid Mech.. 2018;18:769–786.
Marro M, Salizzoni P, Soulhac L, Cassiani M. Dispersion of a passive scalar fluctuating plume in a turbulent boundary layer. Part III: Stochastic modelling. Boundary Layer Meteorol.. 2018;167:349–369.
Nguyen CV, Soulhac L, Salizzoni P. Source apportionment and data assimilation in urban air quality modelling for NO2: The Lyon case study. Atmosphere. 2018;9:8.


Ben Salem N, Salizzoni P, Soulhac L. Estimating accidental pollutant releases in the built environment from turbulent concentration signals. Atmos. Environ.. 2017;148:266–281.
Payre C, Bardeau G, Schillinger C, et al. Planification urbaine, environnement et santé : une étude sur Strasbourg. Environnement, Risques et Santé. 2017;16:365–374.
Soulhac L, Nguyen CV, Volta P, Salizzoni P. The model SIRANE for atmospheric urban pollutant dispersion. PART III: Validation against NO2 yearly concentration measurements in a large urban agglomeration. Atmos. Environ.. 2017;167:377–388.


Soulhac L, Lamaison G, Cierco F-X, et al. SIRANERISK: Modelling dispersion of steady and unsteady pollutant releases in the urban canopy. Atmos. Environ.. 2016;140:242–260.