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Valéry Botton

Valéry Botton

Professeur à l’INSA Lyon,
Directeur du site INSA du LMFA
Référent de l’INSA Euro-Méditerranée à l’INSA Lyon
Research Teams:
Turbulence & Instabilities
Complex Fluids & Transfers


email : valery.botton@insa-lyon

Find a presentation of my research activities on the Flows for material processing page. My main concerns are acoustic streaming flows generated by ultrasound beams in liquids, solidification of metallic and semiconducting alloys, and non-newtonian film flows stability.

I also teach fluid mechanics, experimental methods and system thermodynamics in the mechanical engineering department at INSA Lyon.

You can find my publications and keywords on HAL but also here

Recent Publications


Bouarab S, Mokhtari F, Kaddeche S, Henry D, Botton V, Medelfef A. Effect of high frequency vibrations on PV silicon purification. J. Cryst. Growth. 2020;529:125298.


Bouarab S, Mokhtari F, Kaddeche S, Henry D, Botton V, Medelfef A. Theoretical and numerical study on high frequency vibrational convection: influence of the vibration direction on the flow structure. Phys. Fluids. 2019;31:043605.
Hamzaoui I, Millet S, Botton V, et al. A 2D1/2 model for natural convection and solidification in a narrow enclosure. Int. J. Therm. Sci.. 2019;140:167–183.
Launay G, Cambonie T, Henry D, Pothérat A, Botton V. Transition to chaos in an acoustically driven cavity flow. Phys. Rev. Fluids. 2019;4:044401.
Millet S, Usha R, Botton V, Rousset F. The mechanism of long-wave instability in a shear-thinning film flow on a porous substrate. Acta Mech. 2019;229.

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