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Alexandre Delache

Alexandre Delache

Research Team: Turbulence & Instabilities

Assistant professor at university Jean-Monnet of Saint Etienne



  • Effect of rotation and stratification on turbulence
  • Viscoelastic effect on turbulence
  • "Destratification" of ocean
  • Blood flow in fluid-structure interaction
  • Instability and mixed convection in porous media


At IUT of Saint-Etienne, département of Mechanics and Production :

  • Design the structures: finite element modeling
  • Multivariate functions
  • Linear algebra
  • Parametric curves
  • Vector in the plane and space
  • Statistics and probability

Recent Publications


Lam H, Delache A, Godeferd FS. Partitioning waves and eddies in stably stratified turbulence. Atmosphere. 2020;11:420.
Luo H, Delache A, Simoëns S. Mixing of non-Newtonian inelastic fluid in a turbulent patch of T-junction. J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech.. 2020.


Saadlaoui Y, Feulvarch É, Delache A, Leblond J-B, Bergheau J-M. A new strategy for the numerical modeling of a weld pool. C. R. Méc.. 2018;346:999–1017.


Nguyen MQ, Delache A, Simoëns S, Bos WJT, El Hajem M. Small scale dynamics of isotropic viscoelastic turbulence. Phys. Rev. Fluids. 2016;1:083301.

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