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Liang Shao

Liang Shao

Équipe de Recherche : Turbulence & Instabilités

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Publications récentes


Wu J, Fang L, Shao L, Lu L. Theories and applications of second-order correlation of longitudinal velocity increments at three points in isotropic turbulence. Phys. Lett. A. 2018;382:1665–1671.
Xie B, Gao F, Boudet J, Shao L, Lu L. Improved vortex method for large-eddy simulation inflow generation. Comput. Fluids. 2018;168:87–100.


Gao F, Ma W, Sun J, et al. Parameter study on numerical simulation of corner separation in LMFA-NACA65 linear compressor cascade. Chin. J. Aeronauti.. 2017;30:15–30.


Zillé P, Corpetti T, Shao L, Xu C. Super-resolution of turbulent passive scalar images using data assimilation. Exp. Fluids. 2016;57:21.

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