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Srikanth Derebail Muralidhar

lundi 7 novembre 2016 - 10h30 - ECL - amphi 203

Srikanth Derebail Muralidhar

Instability of flow around a rotating, semi-infinite cylinder in an axial stream

Devant le Jury :

François GALLAIRE, EPFL, rapporteur
Fabien GODEFERD, LMFA, examinateur
Miguel Angel HERRADA, U Séville, examinateur
Nigel PEAKE, DAMTP, rapporteur
Benoît PIER, LMFA, directeur de thèse,
Julian SCOTT, directeur de thèse

The thesis concerns the steady, incompressible flow around a semi-infinite, rotating cylinder and its linear-stability properties. The effect of cylinder curvature and rotation on the stability of this flow is investigated in a systematic manner. The governing equations for the flow are obtained using a boundary-layer approximation to the Navier—Stokes equations, and are numerically solved to obtain the flow field. A linear stability analysis of the above flow is carried out using a local-flow approximation. It is found that small amounts of rotation have strong effects on flow stability along with other interesting properties.

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