Henri Bénard ERCOFTAC Pilot Center

The success of the first Pilot Centre, PEPIT, locally concentrated in the region of Rhone-Alpes motivated the LMFA, the LEGI and the LP-ENSL to relaunch the Pilot Centre as the “Centre Henri Bénard”. The “Centre Henri Bénard” is geographically less limited than PEPIT to the region of Rhone-Alpes and is also open to institutions which are thematically close and not located in Grenoble or Lyon. The laboratory LMM of the Univ. de Paris VI therefore also joined the new Pilot Centre. Furthermore, Dassault-Aviation remains the only industrial partner, but others will be contacted.

The aims of the “Centre Henri Bénard” are foremost to promote results of fundamental research for industrial or other applications. This wants to be done at three levels: First, communications between the research members will be increased to invoke and promote collaborations inside the Pilot Centre. Second, the results are promoted on a national level, to increase their visibility for future applications, be it industrial or others (e.g. geophysical). Third, the tight collaboration of the different laboratories produces one of the largest scientific communities studying turbulence and therefore will be used to create an internationally known “label” to promote the work of the “Centre Henri Bénard” worldwide. The main subject of research of the Pilot Centre is turbulence, with all its special properties such as energy cascades, intermittency, anisotropy, in Eulerian as well as Lagrangian frame works. New efforts will be placed on Lagrangian studies, including more experimental approaches. In addition to fundamental aspects of turbulence, the following non-complete list of subjects are approached in the context of the Pilot Centre:

Center of interest